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Key Applications of HydroSil PURE for Food Services and Cleaning

HydroSil PURE is the food-safe surface sanitiser that provides a deep clean that doesn’t need to be rinsed off – even when cleaning produce.

Safe for the Environment and for You

Products used to clean and disinfect the environment are designed to remove infectious contaminates; yet they must be safe to use. The ultimate goal of cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces is to create a safe environment, eliminating the spread of bacteria and spores. HydroSil PURE excels at the task, providing a food-safe surface sanitiser to the Food Services and Cleaning Industries.

Deep-cleaning Action

HydroSil PURE delivers a deep-clean that you can see in action. Upon contact with bacterial and fungal build-up, the product produces a foaming reaction. If there is a lot of build-up present, you can see particles that have been lifted by the deep-cleaning action. You may need to use a scrubbing brush or scourer to shift the dirt, then wipe it off with a damp cloth. On more porous surfaces, HydroSil PURE can soak in and even oxidises pathogens beneath the surface layer.

No Rinsing Required

After using HydroSil PURE to sanitise food-safe surfaces, you won’t have to rinse away any product residue. HydroSil PURE works without the need for detergents, and is completely sensitiser and fragrance free. In fact, you can spray HydroSil PURE onto uncooked fruits and vegetables, or even raw meat and fish, to clean them and prolong shelf-life.

Use HydroSil PURE to sanitise your cutting-boards to know they are safe and clean, without leaving any soapy disinfectant taste behind.

Safe to Use in Enclosed Spaces

HydroSil PURE is safe to use in confined spaces such as shower cubicles or cool-rooms, without worrying about inhaling toxic fumes.

If you are cleaning mould in an enclosed space however, we recommend you wear a N95/P2 disposable respirator. Standard dust masks do not protect you from microscopic spores and bacteria. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and fit the mask properly.

Broad-spectrum Cleaner Combats Mould

Mould thrives in moist conditions, especially in areas where there is little light and airflow. Breathing in, eating, drinking or touching mould can cause health problems, especially for people with asthma, sensitivities or allergies. HydroSil PURE is an effective solution to removing mould and destroying its spores. The hydrogen peroxide oxidises the mould, while the trace ions of silver helps with preventing further regrowth.

It is not recommended that you use a dry brush to abrasively clean mould from a surface. This could release spores into the air, which may cause adverse health affects and spread mould to other areas.

Directions for cleaning mould

First, spray HydroSil PURE so that it covers the surface of the area you are cleaning. Wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth, then reapply HydroSil PURE by spraying lightly again.

To prevent contaminating other surfaces, rinse the cloth out first in a full bowl of HydroSil PURE, then in a second bucket containing clean water before using the cloth to continue cleaning.

To combat the most stubborn mould, HydroSil PURE can be used in conjunction with a solution of white vinegar mixed with water-soluble clove oil. In a spray bottle, mix the vinegar 50:50 with water then add a quarter teaspoon of clove oil per litre. Spray this lightly over the surface after you have cleaned it with HydroSil PURE.

When used correctly HydroSil PURE will effectively eliminate mould from the surfaces you are cleaning, however sometimes the black spotting remain as stains on porous materials. Depending on what material it is, you may have to bleach, paint, dye or sand back and reseal to remove those deeper stains totally

It is important to note that you must change the conditions which allowed the mould to grow in the first place in order to prevent it from returning; this may involve installing better ventilation, a skylight or a dehumidifier. Repair any water leaks or issues of rising damp. Direct water away from the building and ensure your gutters and downpipes are clear.

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