Biosecurity: Treating and Preventing Disease

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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of Australia lists silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide based products as an approved treatment for the following biosecurity applications:

  • Aquarium water treatment
  • Marine Pest Emergency Management including disease outbreak and prevention.
  • Aquatic Veterinary Emergency including disease outbreak and prevention.
  • Effluent treatment and decontamination
  • Cross border disease prevention during import
  • Water Recycling

Biosecurity Case Study: Prawn Park Prawn Farm, Gold Coast Queensland
Steven Parker at Prawn Park on the Gold Coast has been testing HydroSil PRO as a solution to a farm wide disease.

Chris Woodberry and I would be only too pleased to recomend your product. We refer to it as “Bobby’s Magic”. [Referring to CEO Bob Scott] – Steven Parker

Steve consulted with The Natural Enviro Co. in order to find the correct dosage and protocol for his specific application. Steve and his team at Prawn Park saw immediate results and were very happy to recommend HydroSil to others in the seafood industry.

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