Ultra Dry Fogging System

Ultra Dry Fogging System (UDFS)

The Ultra Dry Fogging System uses the HydroSil TOTAL product diluted to 0.5% to give complete sanitation of an area without soaking surfaces.

Ultra Dry Fogging System

Ultra Dry Fogging System

UDFS - Extended Spray Head

UDFS – Extended Spray Head

The UDFS is composed of a docking station and the machine itself.

UDFS Docking Station

    • Free-standing, 0.5m^2 foot print area.
    • Supplies compressed air, built into the machine to maintain 250 kilopascals of air pressure to the head.
    • Battery Charger to keep on-board battery charged to run 2 motors

UDFS Machine

      • Strong and durable product built from stainless steel and press sheet.
      • Two Compartments that hold required motors.
      • Back Door that houses two 30 Litre 0.5% HydroSil TOTAL and two compressed air cylinders for head supply.
      • Two motors to pump product under pressure to head.
      • Battery to supply power to pumps without noise.
      • 2-time switch set for 20 Minutes.