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The Agriculture Industry and HydroSil PRO

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Key applications for HydroSil PRO in Agriculture:

Enhanced Seed Germination, Water Purification, Increased Yield, Pest Control, Equipment & Storage Sanitation, Increased Longevity of Harvested Produce. 

Enhanced Seed Germination

When used correctly, Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly way of reliably increasing seed longevity, viability and vigour.

Seeds can be partially hydrated with H2O2 prior to sowing to increase germination performance, seedling growth and stress tolerance. This occurs because of communication or ‘crosstalk’ between the H2O2 signalling pathway and other signaling molecules and phytohormones; these play an integrative role in signaling the primed seed to switch between a dormant state to a metabolically active germinated state.

Livestock Drinking Water Purification

H2O2 is widely known as a premium water treatment option due to its ability to control an extremely broad spectrum of pathogens including fungi, microbes, algae and parasites. Best of all, with no chemical residue only pure water and oxygen remain, so there is no chlorine odour or taste.

Hydrogen peroxide-based products are approved for use in treating drinking water by the Australian Government, as stated in The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011)1.

Increased Yield and Pest Control for Plants & Livestock

Hydrogen peroxide is a germicide, fungicide and insecticide. Seedlings watered with low concentrations of H2O2 are protected against pathogens resulting in faster growth and development.2 H2O2 is effective against fungal infections such as root rot; aids in soil aeration; disinfects growing mediums; deters pests and their eggs. Sprayed onto tree cuts and watering root cuttings with H2O2 prevents infection.
Higher concentrations of H2O2 can be used to clean greenhouse irrigation systems and to control mould and mildew.

Adding H2O2 to livestock drinking water helps protect against the spread of disease by destroying waterborne parasites, and fungal spores. There is also growing evidence to suggest that adding H2O2 to livestock drinking water is linked to increased livestock growth rates and milk production as well as a reduction in feed requirements.

H2O2 is also used in the seafood industry to treat water which still contains livestock such as fish or prawns. Aside from oxidising diseases and pathogens, it clears the water of particulates, assists in wound healing and increases oxygen levels in the water.

Equipment and Storage Sanitation
Hydrogen Peroxide can be used for equipment sanitation, providing superior disinfection without exposing personnel or the environment to toxic chemicals. H2O2 can be sprayed as a mist to neutralise odours and control airborne pathogens as well.

Increased Longevity of Harvested Produce
Spraying harvested produce, flowers and foliage with HydroSil delays spoilage so that produce remains fresher, longer. The hydrogen peroxide in HydoSil destroys the microbes living on the surface of the plant which are responsible for the breakdown of the plant material. The trace amount of silver ions left behind further delays the repopulation of these microbes, helping produce remain fresh even longer. All of these benefits from a product that is food-safe and can be sprayed on without need for rinsing.

Certified Organic Approved
Hydrogen Peroxide is listed in the National Standard for Organic Produce3 as being approved for the following uses:

  • Plant Pest Control (Appendix C)]
  • Plant Disease Control (Appendix C)
  • Livestock Pest Control (Appendix D)
  • Livestock Disease Control (Appendix D)
  • Sanitation, Storage and Handling (1.11.5 & Appendix E)
  • Minute doses of silver products are considered ‘homeopathic’ by organic certification boards. Colloidal Silver is often used (in higher doses than those found in HydroSil) in certified organic milk production to prevent infection.

Book a consultation by contacting Bob Scott at The Natural Enviro Co. today to learn exactly how HydroSil can be used in your commercial agriculture operation.

HydroSil PRO is only available by application for commercial use.
Commercial clients must meet dangerous goods transport, storage and handling requirements.
For more info on HydroSil PRO for commercial use click here.

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