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Food Services and Cleaning

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Key Applications of HydroSil PURE for Food Services and Cleaning

HydroSil PURE is the food-safe surface sanitiser that provides a deep clean that doesn’t need to be rinsed off – even when cleaning produce.

Safe for the Environment and for You

Products used to clean and disinfect the environment are designed to remove infectious contaminates; yet they must be safe to use. The ultimate goal of cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces is to create a safe environment, eliminating the spread of bacteria and spores. HydroSil PURE excels at the task, providing a food-safe surface sanitiser to the Food Services and Cleaning Industries.

Deep-cleaning Action

HydroSil PURE delivers a deep-clean that you can see in action. Upon contact with bacterial and fungal build-up, the product produces a foaming reaction. If there is a lot of build-up present, you can see particles that have been lifted by the deep-cleaning action. You may need to use a scrubbing brush or scourer to shift the dirt, then wipe it off with a damp cloth. On more porous surfaces, HydroSil PURE can soak in and even oxidises pathogens beneath the surface layer.

No Rinsing Required

After using HydroSil PURE to sanitise food-safe surfaces, you won’t have to rinse away any product residue. HydroSil PURE works without the need for detergents, and is completely sensitiser and fragrance free. In fact, you can spray HydroSil PURE onto uncooked fruits and vegetables, or even raw meat and fish, to clean them and prolong shelf-life.

Use HydroSil PURE to sanitise your cutting-boards to know they are safe and clean, without leaving any soapy disinfectant taste behind.

Safe to Use in Enclosed Spaces

HydroSil PURE is safe to use in confined spaces such as shower cubicles or cool-rooms, without worrying about inhaling toxic fumes.

If you are cleaning mould in an enclosed space however, we recommend you wear a N95/P2 disposable respirator. Standard dust masks do not protect you from microscopic spores and bacteria. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and fit the mask properly.

Broad-spectrum Cleaner Combats Mould

Mould thrives in moist conditions, especially in areas where there is little light and airflow. Breathing in, eating, drinking or touching mould can cause health problems, especially for people with asthma, sensitivities or allergies. HydroSil PURE is an effective solution to removing mould and destroying its spores. The hydrogen peroxide oxidises the mould, while the trace ions of silver helps with preventing further regrowth.

It is not recommended that you use a dry brush to abrasively clean mould from a surface. This could release spores into the air, which may cause adverse health affects and spread mould to other areas.

Directions for cleaning mould

First, spray HydroSil PURE so that it covers the surface of the area you are cleaning. Wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth, then reapply HydroSil PURE by spraying lightly again.

To prevent contaminating other surfaces, rinse the cloth out first in a full bowl of HydroSil PURE, then in a second bucket containing clean water before using the cloth to continue cleaning.

To combat the most stubborn mould, HydroSil PURE can be used in conjunction with a solution of white vinegar mixed with water-soluble clove oil. In a spray bottle, mix the vinegar 50:50 with water then add a quarter teaspoon of clove oil per litre. Spray this lightly over the surface after you have cleaned it with HydroSil PURE.

When used correctly HydroSil PURE will effectively eliminate mould from the surfaces you are cleaning, however sometimes the black spotting remain as stains on porous materials. Depending on what material it is, you may have to bleach, paint, dye or sand back and reseal to remove those deeper stains totally

It is important to note that you must change the conditions which allowed the mould to grow in the first place in order to prevent it from returning; this may involve installing better ventilation, a skylight or a dehumidifier. Repair any water leaks or issues of rising damp. Direct water away from the building and ensure your gutters and downpipes are clear.

The Seafood Industry and HydroSil PRO

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Key Benefits of Silver-Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide for the Seafood Industry: Holding Tanks, Biosecurity, Ice Sanitation, Odour Control, Cleaning In Place


Book a consultation by contacting Bob Scott at The Natural Enviro Co. today to learn exactly how HydroSil can be used in your commercial seafood operation.

HydroSil PRO is only available by application for commercial use.
Commercial clients must meet dangerous goods transport, storage and handling requirements.
For more info on HydroSil PRO for commercial use click here.

Holding Tanks

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Holding Tanks

  • Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide is widely trusted to purify drinking water for human and animal consumption.
  • Removes pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, fungi and algae.
  • Treat and prevent disease in fish and prawn farms without removing livestock or water from holding tanks or ponds
  • Destroys loose organic material and leaves behind no chemical residue.
  • Removes ammonia from livestock tanks and ponds without harm to livestock, workers or consumers.
  • H2O2 leaves behind only water and oxygen. HydroSil also leaves a trace amount of silver ions in amounts far lower than the maximum amount allowed for safe human and animal consumption.
  • The silver ions in HydroSil do not bioaccumulate and therefore there is no biomagnification. The silver ions do however prevent pathogens from returning keeping the water fresher, longer.
  • Oxygenates water in ponds and holding tanks, preventing stagnation.
  • Helps injured fish stock heal by gently disinfecting wounds.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is approved for use in organic food production and the silver in HydroSil is at levels so small they are considered ‘homeopathic’ by organic certification body Certified Organic Australia.
  • Silver-Stabilised Hydrogen Proxide has always been a superior alternative to products like chlorine. Thanks to our new proprietary formula, HydroSil is now more effective than ever before, finally making H2O2+Silver an economically viable option, bringing you the synergy of superiority and affordability.

Case Study: Sydney Fish Market
Mal Shelley from OzSea has been working with Erik Poole from Sydney Fish Market applying HydroSil in a number of applications including livestock tank water purification.  Not only are fish and crustaceans kept healthy, but the increased oxygen availability and reduced susceptibility to disease also means increased yield.

Biosecurity: Treating and Preventing Disease

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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of Australia lists silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide based products as an approved treatment for the following biosecurity applications:

  • Aquarium water treatment
  • Marine Pest Emergency Management including disease outbreak and prevention.
  • Aquatic Veterinary Emergency including disease outbreak and prevention.
  • Effluent treatment and decontamination
  • Cross border disease prevention during import
  • Water Recycling

Biosecurity Case Study: Prawn Park Prawn Farm, Gold Coast Queensland
Steven Parker at Prawn Park on the Gold Coast has been testing HydroSil PRO as a solution to a farm wide disease.

Chris Woodberry and I would be only too pleased to recomend your product. We refer to it as “Bobby’s Magic”. [Referring to CEO Bob Scott] – Steven Parker

Steve consulted with The Natural Enviro Co. in order to find the correct dosage and protocol for his specific application. Steve and his team at Prawn Park saw immediate results and were very happy to recommend HydroSil to others in the seafood industry.

Ice Sanitation and Odour Control

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Just as HydroSil can be used to sanitise drinking water without leaving any chemical residue, so too can it sanitise the water and equipment used in ice-making. The ice, and subsequent ice-water also remains pathogen and bacteria free for longer thanks to HydroSil’s trace amounts of silver ions.

HydroSil can also be used as a deodorising mist for fish waste storage areas. It is completely harmless to humans, but keeps the environment free of airborne bacteria and disease as well as the smell of fish waste.

Cleaning in Place: Equipment Sterilisation

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HydroSil is a powerful food-safe solution for sterilising equipment and and storage facilities. Best of all it is environmentally friendly leaving no harmful byproducts.

The Agriculture Industry and HydroSil PRO

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Key applications for HydroSil PRO in Agriculture:

Enhanced Seed Germination, Water Purification, Increased Yield, Pest Control, Equipment & Storage Sanitation, Increased Longevity of Harvested Produce. 

Enhanced Seed Germination

When used correctly, Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly way of reliably increasing seed longevity, viability and vigour.

Seeds can be partially hydrated with H2O2 prior to sowing to increase germination performance, seedling growth and stress tolerance. This occurs because of communication or ‘crosstalk’ between the H2O2 signalling pathway and other signaling molecules and phytohormones; these play an integrative role in signaling the primed seed to switch between a dormant state to a metabolically active germinated state.

Livestock Drinking Water Purification

H2O2 is widely known as a premium water treatment option due to its ability to control an extremely broad spectrum of pathogens including fungi, microbes, algae and parasites. Best of all, with no chemical residue only pure water and oxygen remain, so there is no chlorine odour or taste.

Hydrogen peroxide-based products are approved for use in treating drinking water by the Australian Government, as stated in The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011)1.

Increased Yield and Pest Control for Plants & Livestock

Hydrogen peroxide is a germicide, fungicide and insecticide. Seedlings watered with low concentrations of H2O2 are protected against pathogens resulting in faster growth and development.2 H2O2 is effective against fungal infections such as root rot; aids in soil aeration; disinfects growing mediums; deters pests and their eggs. Sprayed onto tree cuts and watering root cuttings with H2O2 prevents infection.
Higher concentrations of H2O2 can be used to clean greenhouse irrigation systems and to control mould and mildew.

Adding H2O2 to livestock drinking water helps protect against the spread of disease by destroying waterborne parasites, and fungal spores. There is also growing evidence to suggest that adding H2O2 to livestock drinking water is linked to increased livestock growth rates and milk production as well as a reduction in feed requirements.

H2O2 is also used in the seafood industry to treat water which still contains livestock such as fish or prawns. Aside from oxidising diseases and pathogens, it clears the water of particulates, assists in wound healing and increases oxygen levels in the water.

Equipment and Storage Sanitation
Hydrogen Peroxide can be used for equipment sanitation, providing superior disinfection without exposing personnel or the environment to toxic chemicals. H2O2 can be sprayed as a mist to neutralise odours and control airborne pathogens as well.

Increased Longevity of Harvested Produce
Spraying harvested produce, flowers and foliage with HydroSil delays spoilage so that produce remains fresher, longer. The hydrogen peroxide in HydoSil destroys the microbes living on the surface of the plant which are responsible for the breakdown of the plant material. The trace amount of silver ions left behind further delays the repopulation of these microbes, helping produce remain fresh even longer. All of these benefits from a product that is food-safe and can be sprayed on without need for rinsing.

Certified Organic Approved
Hydrogen Peroxide is listed in the National Standard for Organic Produce3 as being approved for the following uses:

  • Plant Pest Control (Appendix C)]
  • Plant Disease Control (Appendix C)
  • Livestock Pest Control (Appendix D)
  • Livestock Disease Control (Appendix D)
  • Sanitation, Storage and Handling (1.11.5 & Appendix E)
  • Minute doses of silver products are considered ‘homeopathic’ by organic certification boards. Colloidal Silver is often used (in higher doses than those found in HydroSil) in certified organic milk production to prevent infection.

Book a consultation by contacting Bob Scott at The Natural Enviro Co. today to learn exactly how HydroSil can be used in your commercial agriculture operation.

HydroSil PRO is only available by application for commercial use.
Commercial clients must meet dangerous goods transport, storage and handling requirements.
For more info on HydroSil PRO for commercial use click here.

1. Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011) – Updated November 2016
National Health and Medical Research Council
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3.National Standard for Organic Produce (Feb 2017)

Domestic Tank Water Purification with HydroSil ULTRA

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Tank Water Use in Australia

Out of the 7.5 million1 or so households in Australia today more than 2.3 million2 (or 17%) use rainwater tanks – and the use of tank water is rapidly increasing.3

Australians have always known there are great benefits to capturing rainwater and collecting water from creeks especially in rural or remote areas, but we also know there are risks.

Tank Water | Benefits and Risks

From time to time we hear of outbreaks of Blastocyctis, Giardia & Cryptosporidium, as well as many other water borne parasites, bacteria, fungi and algae. What we often don’t hear about is the ongoing health problems of people in our community carrying parasites from drinking tank water, silently struggling, often without knowing the cause. There are also considerable risks from toxins produced by blue-green algae and agricultural chemicals.

For those collecting rainwater from rooftops, perhaps the biggest concerns are bacteria such as E.Coli and Campylobacter which can find it’s way into tanks from animal, bird or bat droppings.

Never Experience That Chlorine Taste Again

Hydrogen peroxide has long been known as the superior water treatment option, due to the fact that it effectively destroys pathogens without leaving any chemical residue, breaking down to harmless oxygen and water. However, due to issues around keeping it stable enough to transport and store without degrading it has also been financially out of reach… until now. For decades the standard recommended tank water treatment has instead been chlorine, despite the fact that people generally would prefer not to have it in their drinking water.

There is conflicting evidence on the safety of chlorine consumption on the human body however it is often seen as an acceptable compromise when compared to water borne pathogens. For example, the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines4 state that there are no adverse health effects from Chlorine, while there is also research such as the studies mentioned in the following Scientific American5 article suggesting otherwise.

“The link between chlorine and bladder and rectal cancers has long been known, but only recently have researchers found a link between common chlorine disinfectant and breast cancer, which affects one out of every eight American women. A recent study conducted in Hartford, Connecticut found that women with breast cancer have 50-60 percent higher levels of organochlorines (chlorine by-products) in their breast tissue than cancer-free women.” – Scientific American

Finally, An Affordable Alternative to Chlorine that is Completely Harmless to Humans.

The Natural Enviro Co. has been providing HydroSil (previously sold as HydraSil) to happy customers for almost two decades, however over the past two years we have developed an updated formula making HydroSil more effective than ever before. For the first time, Australians now have access to all of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide at a price that is as economical as chlorine – without any of the drawbacks.

To find out more about HydroSil ULTRA 7.5% Silver-Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide click here.

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Tank Water Treatment Instructions

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Step 1: Calculate Total Tank Volume

Many tanks (other than most concrete tanks) have a marking to show the total volume of the tank. If you know the volume of your rainwater tank go to Step 2.

  • Using a measuring tape and a ladder, measure the height and the radius of the tank.
  • Enter these numbers into the volume calculator to find out the total volume of your tank in cubic metres.
  • Multiply the result by 1000 to find the total number of litres your tank holds.

Step 2: How Much Water Is In My Tank?

You may be able to tap on the side of the tank and listen for a significant change in sound between the empty section and the full section to determine where the line is, which you can then measure from the bottom of the tank. If you are unable to accurately tell using the tapping method try the following:

  • Use a long piece of dowel or something similar to dip into the tank end drop one end all the way to the bottom. Try to do this carefully so that the stick remains perpendicular to the bottom of the tank for an accurate reading.
  • Measure the length of the section of the stick which is now wet.
  • You can then divide the total volume by how much water you actually have in your tank.

Alternatively, you can simply enter the height of the water level instead of the height of the tank in the volume calculator along with the radius.

  • Remember to convert the figure obtained from the volume calculator from Cubic Meters to Litres multiply this figure by 1000.

Step 4: HydroSil ULTRA Dosing Instructions

We recommend using rubber gloves and safety glasses while handling HydroSil ULTRA.
The amount of HydroSil ULTRA required depends on how soiled the water is. Below are two suggestions for Initial Dose. Depending on how soiled your water is you may choose an amount somewhere in between.

Initial Dose – For Water Without Noticeable Odour or Visible Contamination
(24hrs contact time required before drinking)
200ml per 1000L of water
1L per 5,000L of water
2L per 10,000L of water
4L per 20,000L of water

Initial Dose – For Badly Spoiled Water (Shock Dose)
(24hrs contact time required before drinking)
300ml per 1000L of water
1.5L per 5,000L of water
3L per 10,000L of water
6L per 20,000L of water

Monthly Maintenance Dose
(Water can be drunk immediately)
70ml per 1000L of water
350ml per 5,000L of water
700ml per 10,000L of water
1.4L per 20,000L of water

How to treat your tank water

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How to coming soon