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The Seafood Industry and HydroSil PRO

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Key Benefits of Silver-Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide for the Seafood Industry: Holding Tanks, Biosecurity, Ice Sanitation, Odour Control, Cleaning In Place


Book a consultation by contacting Bob Scott at The Natural Enviro Co. today to learn exactly how HydroSil can be used in your commercial seafood operation.

HydroSil PRO is only available by application for commercial use.
Commercial clients must meet dangerous goods transport, storage and handling requirements.
For more info on HydroSil PRO for commercial use click here.

Holding Tanks

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Holding Tanks

  • Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide is widely trusted to purify drinking water for human and animal consumption.
  • Removes pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, fungi and algae.
  • Treat and prevent disease in fish and prawn farms without removing livestock or water from holding tanks or ponds
  • Destroys loose organic material and leaves behind no chemical residue.
  • Removes ammonia from livestock tanks and ponds without harm to livestock, workers or consumers.
  • H2O2 leaves behind only water and oxygen. HydroSil also leaves a trace amount of silver ions in amounts far lower than the maximum amount allowed for safe human and animal consumption.
  • The silver ions in HydroSil do not bioaccumulate and therefore there is no biomagnification. The silver ions do however prevent pathogens from returning keeping the water fresher, longer.
  • Oxygenates water in ponds and holding tanks, preventing stagnation.
  • Helps injured fish stock heal by gently disinfecting wounds.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is approved for use in organic food production and the silver in HydroSil is at levels so small they are considered ‘homeopathic’ by organic certification body Certified Organic Australia.
  • Silver-Stabilised Hydrogen Proxide has always been a superior alternative to products like chlorine. Thanks to our new proprietary formula, HydroSil is now more effective than ever before, finally making H2O2+Silver an economically viable option, bringing you the synergy of superiority and affordability.

Case Study: Sydney Fish Market
Mal Shelley from OzSea has been working with Erik Poole from Sydney Fish Market applying HydroSil in a number of applications including livestock tank water purification.  Not only are fish and crustaceans kept healthy, but the increased oxygen availability and reduced susceptibility to disease also means increased yield.

Biosecurity: Treating and Preventing Disease

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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of Australia lists silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide based products as an approved treatment for the following biosecurity applications:

  • Aquarium water treatment
  • Marine Pest Emergency Management including disease outbreak and prevention.
  • Aquatic Veterinary Emergency including disease outbreak and prevention.
  • Effluent treatment and decontamination
  • Cross border disease prevention during import
  • Water Recycling

Biosecurity Case Study: Prawn Park Prawn Farm, Gold Coast Queensland
Steven Parker at Prawn Park on the Gold Coast has been testing HydroSil PRO as a solution to a farm wide disease.

Chris Woodberry and I would be only too pleased to recomend your product. We refer to it as “Bobby’s Magic”. [Referring to CEO Bob Scott] – Steven Parker

Steve consulted with The Natural Enviro Co. in order to find the correct dosage and protocol for his specific application. Steve and his team at Prawn Park saw immediate results and were very happy to recommend HydroSil to others in the seafood industry.

Ice Sanitation and Odour Control

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Just as HydroSil can be used to sanitise drinking water without leaving any chemical residue, so too can it sanitise the water and equipment used in ice-making. The ice, and subsequent ice-water also remains pathogen and bacteria free for longer thanks to HydroSil’s trace amounts of silver ions.

HydroSil can also be used as a deodorising mist for fish waste storage areas. It is completely harmless to humans, but keeps the environment free of airborne bacteria and disease as well as the smell of fish waste.

Cleaning in Place: Equipment Sterilisation

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HydroSil is a powerful food-safe solution for sterilising equipment and and storage facilities. Best of all it is environmentally friendly leaving no harmful byproducts.