HydroSil PRO


HydroSil kills pathogens on surfaces

If you’re seeking Hydrogen Peroxide for commercial or industrial use then HydroSil PRO 35% is the most powerful and cost-effective level of concentration in the HydroSil range.

Whether you need the oxidising power of high concentration H2O2 or you want the economy and efficiency of buying in bulk to create your own dilutions for commercial use, HydroSil PRO can provide the solution.


Bulk Water
Commercial Livestock
Sports & Recreation


Key Features

  •  Antibacterial, antifungal and anti algae
  •  Oxidising agent / releases free radicals
  •  Odour removal and colour bleaching
  •  Reduction in toxity inlcluding removal of metals
  •  Impoval of biodegradability
  • Removal of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

HydroSil Pro 35% can only be ordered directly from the manufacturer here at The Natural Enviro Co.

Contact us by email to make an enquiry or place an order:  info@naturalenviro.co

Known Commercial & Industrial Applications

The following is a list of know commercial and industrial applications for H2O2.
  •  Remediation of waterways polluted with indistrial contamination
  •  Remediation of toxic former industrial sites
  • Industrial and rural water purification
  • Decontamination of chemicals such as chlorine, suflides, formaldehayde, cyanide and arsenic
  • Disinfectant for commercial cleaning
  •  Non-toxic, environmentally friendly paper and textile bleaching
  • Non-toxic Antimicrobial & Fungicide for food processing industry
  •  Food safe sterilisation of plastic packaging
  •  Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, food safe bleaching of foods such as flour
  • Environmentally friendly municipal wastewater treatment
  •  Recycling precious metals in electronics, solar panels etc.
  • Mining and petrochemical extraction processes, including gold and iron ore leaching
  • Industrial wastewater treatment, reducing Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) for mining industry; steel mills & foundries; oil, gas and petrochemical refineries
  • ‘BYO’ oxygen fuel for underwater and space prepulsion
  • Manufacture of Polymers requiring free radicals for catylisation, such as polyurethanes
  •  Chemical synthesis, including pharmaceuticals
  •  Manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products
  • Acid rain prevention, from nictric oxide and/or nitrogen dioxide contamination
  • Removal of hysdrogen sulfide gasses in industry and environmental contamination
  • Treatment of gasses and liquids which are contaminated with mercaptan aka thiols
  •  Cleaing cooling towers, heat exchangers and process water systems.
  •  Manufacture of glow sticks.

Please note that some industrial applications may require pure H2O2 at higher concentrations than 30% and/or without HydroSil’s added Colloidal Silver Ion stabiliser. All HydroSil PRO commercial customers are required to conform to all necessary standards for the transport and storage of dangerous goods.


For more info on the handling and transport of high concentration H2O2 please see the following links:
Transporting Dangerous Goods in Queensland
Australian Dangerous Goods Code
QLD Government c501: Safe Handling & Storage of Hydrogen Peroxide

Contact us by email to make an enquiry or place an order:  info @ naturalenviro . co (no spaces).

Download the MSD Sheet for HydroSil PRO.