HydroSil PURE

HydroSil kills pathogens on surfaces

HydroSil PURE 3% is an all-purpose disinfectant for the home that is powerfully effective as an antimicrobial and antifungal agent, without leaving any toxic residue. This means that if you can simply spray it onto surfaces without needing to wipe or rinse it off. HydroSil PURE is safe for contact with skin and can be used for an extremely wide variety of applications.


Household Disinfection
Mould Control
Health & Hygiene
Neutralise Odours


Food-safe surface sanitation

    • Non-toxic residues – HACCP certified food-safe, breaks down into water, oxygen and traces of silver ions
    • Food-safe, odourless and eco-friendly

Surface Sanitisation Application

Spray HydroSil Pure over all frequently touched surfaces and allow to dry. Foaming occurs on heavily soiled surfaces, if so wipe any particles off with a cloth and respray. No further rinsing or wiping is required.

For homes: 2 or 3 times a day.
For businesses: Commonly touched surfaces hourly or between usage, at the end of day sanitise all surfaces.

Uses for HydroSil PURE

      • Disinfecting high-use areas such as door handles, handrails, tap fixtures and switches
      • Disinfecting cutting boards, kitchen benchtops, food preperation utensils, condiments, menus and cutlery
      • Washing fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides, wax, spores and bacteria
      • Misting seafoods, meat, fruits and vegetables to prolong shelf-life, helping to prevent decompositon
      • Mould and mildew cleaning and prevention
      • Disinfecting sponges and dishcloths
      •  Cleaning refrigerators
      • Cleaning tiles and whitening grout, cleaning toilets, bathtubs etc.
      • Cleaning glass and stainless steel without streaks
      • Deodorising fabrics, especially in pet areas
      • Disinfecting children’s toys, play equipment and utensils
      • Deodorising spaces using a humidifier
      • Cleaning humidifiers and dehumidifiers
      • Cleaning and disinfecting water filters of bacteria, algae or mould, prolonging the need for replacement
      •  Removal of stains caused by organic substances, including in carpets and rugs

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Download the MSD Sheet for HydroSil PURE.