HydroSil ULTRA

HydroSil kills pathogens on surfaces

HydroSil ULTRA 7.5% is the most powerful HydroSil product available to the public. HydroSil ULTRA is for use cleaning tank water and water filters, without having to use chlorine based chemicals.  When you use HydroSil to purify your drinking water you can expect no chlorine taste, just the freshness of pure clean water.

H2O2 has long been known as a superior product for water purification, but has been too cost prohibitive to make it accessable for widespread use… until now. It is antibacterial, and antifungal and once it has destroyed harmful pathogens it leaves behind nothing but oxygen and water.


    • Rainwater Tanks
    • Commercial Livestock
    • Cleaning-In-Place
    • Biosecurity
    • Horticulture
    • Aquaculture
    • Sports & Recreation
    • Bulk Water

HydroSil ULTRA can also be used to clean and extend the life water filter cartidges.  As old water cartidges remove pathogens from the water they can accumulate harmful bacteria and pathogens.  Handle your used filter with care and soak in HydroSil ULTRA to ensure that your filter is sterilised and cleaned both inside and out.

Hydrosil ULTRA is suitable for purifying both the water contained within poly tanks and galvanized zinc coated tanks, and the tanks themselves.  Iron tanks can be coated with galvanized zinc in order to provide a protective layer to prevent oxygen in the environment from oxidisation (rusting) the iron.  HydroSil also destroys pathogens like parasites, bacteria and algae by oxidising them, so the zinc coating protects the iron from being oxidised by the extra oxygen produced by HydroSil, making galvanised tanks perfect for use with HydroSil.


Known Sanitisation Applications

Domestic and commercial tank water purification without unpleasant and toxic chemical residue.
Domestic and commercial water tank cleaning and sterilisation.
Domestic and commercial water filter cleaning and sterilisation.

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Download the MSD Sheet for HydroSil ULTRA.